Augmented Reality (AR)

Using our custom built “Peekavu” development kit I have been involved in several projects that asked for augmented reality content. Some of them are listed on this page.

Due to the costs involved in maintaining a server and the relatively low customer uptake we had to mothball our Peekavu startup. The projects presented here are unfortunately not available anymore. However, we would be very happy to revive Peekavu if the right project came along… (KS 2021).

University of Otago

A little robot was built, animated and shot to the moon in an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience. The interactive experience asked you to try to shoot the robot to the moon.



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This has been a demo for augmented 3D content in a children’s book. The map on the inner cover of each book was augmented with an animated 3D world by BurningFish Productions.

Toitu Museum

A contemporary and exciting exhibition of archaeological artifacts, presented by “ghosts” from the past.



This was a test for an augmented reality demonstration of the human body in motion on a skeletal and muscular  level. The target features buttons to switch between those two views.


Otago University

An augmented reality demonstration showing how a molecular ribbon model can be evaluated in 3D using augmented reality. This is a very useful application for scientists working with the spatial structure of molecules which is very difficult to depict, and understand, in 2D illustrations. This lead to a world first publishing of our augmented content in a peer reviewed scientific journal.


Otago University

This was  an augmented reality experiment using a scanning electron microscope to build a 3D model of a head louse using photogrammetry data obtained through the microscope. Subsequently the 3D model was augmented on top of one of the original images.Just click on the above image, print it out, point your phone with the running app at that target and the magic should happen.


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