3D Modeling and Animation

Some examples of projects that involved a lot of 3D modeling. Both classical hard surface modeling like in the “Bulldozer” or the “Rio Tinto” projects as well as organic modeling  like in the “Microscopic Life” and the “Human Anatomy” are represented.

CCTV China

NHNZ subcontracted us for a  3 part documentary series for China TV about the history of the Silk Road. After many historical maps the most exciting sequence that we were asked  to produce from design to finish was the bombardment of  Constantinople by the Ottomans.


SPL had asked for for example animations to show off human anatomy in action.


A selection of tests, experiments and concept ideas.


SPL was interested in scientific visualisations of microscopic life.

Rio Tinto Mining Operations in Western Australia were doing a risk assessment for their port facilities in case of a cyclone hitting the coast. They needed us to visualise the process of evacuation.

RNZ / Maori TV

Maori warriors and colonial British soldiers were built and animated by BurningFish as well as the battle scenes enhanced by fire, smoke and debris for this documentary about an infamous armed conflict in NZ in 1845.

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