Moving Pixel Production contracted Burning Fish  to visualise how Oritain uses genetic markers to determine the geographical origin of food sources.

BurningFish produced some explanatory animation for a video that BMW Yachtsport published to explain theiir new Flytime sensor technology, developed for the America’s cup races.

BurnigFish was contracted to build an architectural model and an animation that would explain airflows within a virtual home.

BurningFish produced a transition sequence from traditional canoes/waka to the racing catamaran used during the America’s Cup challenge in San Francisco.

Dunedin City Council was looking to present progress in its Economic Development Strategy. BurningFish did the Motion Graphics in this video.

Silverfern Farms was having an awards ceremony, celebrating the best chefs in the country creating dishes with their products.

Rio Tinto Mining Operations in Western Australia were doing a risk assessment for their port facilities in case of a cyclone hitting the coast.

A stereoscopic 3D cinema trailer for the World of Wearable Arts (WoW) festival in Wellington.

We used the 2D style of whiteboard animation to achieve an engaging style for inviting farmers to local seminars.

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