Virtual Environments

In these projects BurningFish was very involved in building the environments, using the software package “Vue” extensively in the making of the “Monkey City” series. The “Avon River” project¬† was more small scale but interesting for trying to build a clean underwater environment. The “Rio Tinto” project involved lots of data point clouds, produced by Lidar scans and stereoscopic Drone footage.

Personal Project

“The Green Planet” is showcasing locations I know and love. I imagine how they might look like entirely without any human impact.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet had commissioned a 13-part series where BurningFish contributed mainly the big sweeping landscape shots that were required to bring this series to life.

Christchurch City Council

As part of a larger video about the Christchurch rebuild after the earthquake I provided an underwater scene of a healthy river environment

Rio Tinto Mining Operations in Western Australia were doing a risk assessment for their port facilities in case of a cyclone hitting the coast. Burningfish was involved in modelling  and animating machinery and ships.

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