Concepts & Experiments

This is a section where I post some  experiments in style that I have been working on for R&D or inspiration. You can find more conceptual work on my ArtStation page.

Hail the Lobster!

A concept painting using a 3D asset – Robo Lobster. A 3D model with complex “greeble” surface texture, created in Zbrush.

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Frank Miller Style Fight Scene

This was an experiment in using a “Frank Miller” comic book inspired rendering style on a medieval castle and fight scene.

High Poly Bulldozer

An exercise in detailled hard surface modeling. A bulldozer built from 3 Million polygons with  animated turning tracks.

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Smoke Dancer

A research  exercise into particle systems and dynamics. er are using here an animated figure to emit smoke particles while rendering the figure itself invisble.

Augmented weightlifter

I used our Peekavu App to demonstrate how an interactive augmented weight lifter could help to visualise anatomy in action. If you want to try yourself, print out this target image and use the Peekavu App to bring it to life.

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Dragon Brothers

This has been a demo for augmented 3D content in a children’s book. The map on the inner cover of each book was augmented with an animated 3D world by BurningFish Productions.

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