Science Projects

University of Otago

A little robot was built, animated and shot to the moon in an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience.


SPL in London is building up a series of images called “Global Vision” which help the viewer to understand the Earth as one interconnected system.


SPL had asked for for example animations to show off human anatomy in action.


SPL was interested in scientific visualisations of microscopic life.

Dunedin Aquarium

A display simulating a dive to the bottom of a deep sea canyon off the NZ coast.

AD Instruments

A video capturing the relationship between an ECG and the blood flow around the heart.

Christchurch City Council

As part of a larger video about the Christchurch rebuild we provided an underwater scene of a healthy river environment


A couple of conceptual images for SPL about the topic “climate change”.

Toitu Museum

A contemporary and exciting exhibition of archaeological artifacts, presented by ghosts from the past.

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