Realtime Renders

These projects are using the “Unity” game engine as the main tool in the production pipeline. “Unity” has recently developed a high definition render pipeline (HDRP), that can produce high quality assets in real time. In these projects I am exploring the possibilities and limitations of this approach, which are going to become a game changer in the film and TV industry. The success of the  “Mandalorian” series has shown where this technology is headed.

Unity Game Engine

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When I was working on the Dunedin location of my “The Green Planet” project I got somewhat sidetracked. I became interested in checking out the ocean physics that can be achieved within Unity and needed ships floating on my virtual ocean. And what better way to test the behaviour of ships on the ocean than to use genuine pirate ships? But as it goes, one thing is leading to another.  Pirate ships need sails and “Jolly Roger” flags, so I also had to explore a bit of cloth dynamics to make things work. The final result of these tests is presented in this sequence.

Unity Game Engine

“The Green Planet” series is showcasing locations I know and love, but shows them devoid of any human impact. First stop on this journey is the city of Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula in the South Island of New Zealand.


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