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is to make it easier for the public to understand the  facts of science or history. Visualising complex issues in an engaging way is our specialty.


Before launching into an almost two decades long career in computer graphics and design, BurningFish Production’s art director and VFX artist Karsten Schneider received an MSc in Biology and an PhD in Marine Science, which helps to plant his production of artwork firmly within the scientific community. Since then he has developed a thorough understanding of all the creative aspects of television production (from writing pitches and scripts over shot design and directing to editing and VFX production) during 20 years of employment and freelancing in the industry. After founding BurningFish Productions in 2002 he has been involved in projects of all sizes from small community based endeavors  to multinational campaigns. Depending on the size of a project he works on it hands on himself or brings in a group of highly qualified freelancers to help bring in a project on time and within budget.

Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive."

Walt Disney

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