Particle Systems

These projects make strong use of particle systems built and rendered by BurningFish. Check out the canon fire and smoke in “Battle for Constantinople” and the same plus the campfires in “Stories from Ruapekapeka”. “Kia Kaha” shows a couple of complex transitions, facilitated by my particle systems. “Smoke Dancer” is an exercise in filling a volume with particles, the “Beating Heart ” uses particles to visualise fluid movement and in the “Wearable Arts” trailer the volumetric clouds would be the particle application to look for.

CCTV China

NHNZ subcontracted us for a  3 part documentary series for China TV about the history of the Silk Road. After many historical maps the most exciting sequence that we were asked  to produce from design to finish was the bombardment of  Constantinople by the Ottomans.

Emirates/Team NZ

BurningFish produced a transition sequence from traditional canoes/waka to the racing catamaran used during the America’s Cup challenge in San Francisco.

RNZ / Maori TV

Maori warriors and colonial British soldiers were built and animated by BurningFish as well as the battle scenes enhanced by fire, smoke and debris for this documentary about an infamous armed conflict in NZ in 1845.


An exercise in particle systems

AD Instruments

A video capturing the relationship between an ECG and the blood flow around the heart.

Wearable Arts Festival

A stereoscopic 3D cinema trailer for the World of Wearable Arts (WoW) festival in Wellington.

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