CCTV China

NHNZ subcontracted us for a  3 part documentary series for China TV about the history of the Silk Road. After many historical maps the most exciting sequence that we were asked  to produce from design to finish was the bombardment of  Constantinople by the Ottomans.

RNZ / Maori TV

Maori warriors and colonial British soldiers were built and animated by BurningFish as well as the battle scenes enhanced by fire, smoke and debris for this documentary about an infamous armed conflict in NZ in 1845.

Wallaby Production

15 short films for the government of Qatar for their upcoming National Day celebrations were showing off the dream jobs of Qatari children projected into the future.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet had commissioned a 13-part series where BurningFish contributed mainly the big sweeping landscape shots that were required to bring this series to life.

National Geographic

A documentary commissioned by National Geographic about the magical powers that some spider species poccess.

Discovery Channel

“The Canton TV Tower” was an episode of Discovery Channel’s “Megastructures” series about the Guangzhou TV Tower in China.

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