Indie Films

Salient Film

Sally Williams’ lovely and whimsical indie documentary celebrating the life of late illustrator and artist James Stevenson premiers at the 2019 New York City documentary film festival.

Coromandel Film Collective

Mauri o te Kauri is an indie documentary film that tells the story of New Zealand’s forest giants from tiny seed to one of the largest living things on earth… but their future hangs in the balance as Kauri dieback disease threatens these magnificent forests.

Nature's Voices

This documentary takes us to Borneo’s  Mount Kinabalu, a biological hotspot in every sense of the word.

The film tells the story of a man with a direct line to the spiritual world and a desire to protect Kinabalu in order to keep the spirits happy.

BurningFish produced the spirits and mythical figures that play a big role in this film, following the tradition of Malaysian Shadow play.

Won the Special Jury Award at the 11th Kuala Lumpur Environmental Film Festival  2018.

Salient Film

Between 1959 and 1972 the unheralded yet pivotal New York artist Ken Dewey re-imagined the function of art in society.

Burningfish produced the motion graphics and the poster for this Indie Film, which was selected for the New York Documentary festival in 2016

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