Toitu Museum Exhibition

Toitu Museum in Dunedin was doing an exhibition on a local archeological dig where several item had been found. The idea was to bring “historic” photographs to life and have one of the protagonists tell the story of that artifact.

The Lost Marble

I present here one of several videos, that were created by Elwin Production and composited by BurningFish. The shots were taken in front of a green screen in a studio and composited together to provide the illusion.

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Augmented "Ghostcard"

As a follow up Peekavu produced a series of postcards, that recreate cleverly the experience at the museum. If you print out the image to the left   and then download the free Peekavu App from your Appstore, you can now recreate the “ghostly” effect at home.


The Peekavu App can be downloaded for free from either the Apple Appstore or the Google Playstore onto mobile devices. Peekavu offers also many other experiences that are available with the same App or you can even commission your own.

Unfortunately we had to mothball the Peekavu App as there was too little uptake and the costs for running a server were getting too high. However we are  happy to bring it back to life if the right project comes along…

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