Project: Volcano Eruption

An exercise to come to terms with some fiery particle effects.

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The landscape model for the volcano scene is based on satellite images of the Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. I am imagining an eruption of  Mt. Ngāuruhoe, which is the youngest cone in the Tongariro volcanic complex. Although often regarded as a separate mountain, geologically, it is a secondary cone of Mt. Tongariro. It erupted first ca 2500 years ago and had its last eruption in 1977. I chose it, because it has this nice idealized volcanic cone shape. We are flying in from Mt. Ruapehu in the South in my clip. I have been taking it rather “loosely” with the vegetation for the dramatic effect of burning trees and “tree skeletons”. The real Tongariro NP does not offer pine trees – or any trees for that matter.

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