Project: Jurassic Dinosaurs leaving their marks on the environment

When creatures move through the environment they leave marks behind. Especially if they are towering dinosaurs...

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The use of dinosaurs (Allosaurus and Pterodactyl) in this sequence was somewhat coincidental, my aim was mainly to try out environmental effects like rain and how creatures interact with the environment. I was looking at footprints in the mud, limbs brushing against vegetation and tropical rain bouncing off things – so dinosaurs seemed an appropriate choice. The project was put together in part-time over the course of a month, the renders over-sampled and rendered out in 4K, then composited in After Effects as HD shots. The actual 4K renders out of the engine took only about 15 minutes, the vast amount of development time was spent with world building and many iterations. In fact, the iterative process is maybe the most interesting aspect about real time renders. It is so easy to change a camera angle and re-do the shot. A dream for art directors!

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