Project: Monkey City

Animal Planet had commissioned a 13-part series to NHNZ. BurningFish was sub-contracted to contribute mainly the big sweeping landscape shots that were required to bring this series to life.

Greenscreen Monkey

The monkeys were shot on green screen in the field, everything else was added as VFX shot in post…

Series Opening

The opening probably represents best the “Graphic Novel” Style that was meant to marry life action footage and animated shots.

The Missile

Two distinctly different locations had to be married.  The bustle in the city with  monkeys carving out a living there and the temple complex with its own monkey group. This was one of the transitions used in the project.

From Market to Temple

A similar scenario to above. A transition between life action in the city and the virtual temple complex.

The Hanuman Legend

A bit of a different  challenge here was to bring the Hanuman legend to life –  as a carved fries in the temple complex.

Behind the Scenes

And last but not least a very brief shot from the “Making of”,  showing the work process of the effects team.

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